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Deduct Meters

In order to save money on your sewage bill, consider installing a deduct meter. This meter is purchased from The Findlay Township Municipal Authority and installed by your plumber inside the home on the water line going to your outside hose bibb, pool, or irrigation system. Any water going through this meter is then deducted from your sewage bill, (i.e. pool filling, washing vehicles, lawn or garden watering). 

The meter cost is $160 and the inspection and connection fee is $75. Installation cost is determined by the plumber and is estimated to start at $150. A residential backflow device would be around $20 to $50 depending on installation and can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. All sprinkler irrigation systems would need to install an RPZ backflow device.  (A second MXU unit may be needed if the FTMA technician cannot access the one on your house.)

If you are interested in installing a deduct meter, call The Findlay Township Municipal Authority at 724-695-3108 to tell us when you will be picking up the meter. We will have the meter and the invoice ready, as well as a schematic of the proper installation. Once the meter is installed, please contact The Findlay Township Municipal Authority by calling 724-694-3108 to schedule an inspection and have the deduct meter wired into an outside radio remote unit.